Monday, August 16, 2010

A Week of Reunions

So last week was SUCH a great week filled with family & friends!! Last week my momma & brothers drove down on Sunday night at stayed at my apartment...I cooked yummie French Onion Soup and showed them around my apartment & neighborhood and just relaxed! Then Monday I went into work and they got to come look around & meet everyone which i was SOO excited for them to see everything and of course they LOVED it and everyone here (which i don't know how you couldn't!). After we headed for the beach for 2 days of relaxing and spending time together! I was born and raised at the beach my WHOLEEE life with my dad but my brothers...not so much! This was only their 3rd time at the ocean (I know this is NOT ok or normal)! So they had fun but by day #2 they were a little burnt (and i mean a little but they acted like they were lobsters)but i understand that if you aren't use to this heat then its real hard to adjust! We went to Broadway at the Beach and walked around & saw everything and did a little shopping!!

family! <3

Another good thing was all the yummie food that weekend...including fresh shrimp & grits....YUMMMMMMMM! :) ...I had such a great days but was dreading saying goodbye on Wed night...I ALWAYS cry and it never gets any easier...knowing you prob won't see them till Christmas is really hard cause we are so close! But it was great seeing them!!
**sidnote - I realized that me & seth met at the beach when we were 16 (aka the age of my little bro right now)...and OMGGG this freaks me out!! We were sooo young and innocent and i can't imagine how crazy i sounded being in "love"! hahah ...and now to still be with him is CRAZY to me!!
**sidenote #2 - My cousin Justin & Lauren are expecting there FIRST baby in Nov/Dec and i couldn't go to the shower but i wanted to get them a gift so i headed to The Children's Place Outlet while at the beach!! OMGGGGGG...first off everyone was looking at me/my stomach trying to see the bump. Second I'm NOTT use to dressing a baby boy..only Seth and thats in Polo's & kacki's...this is a WHOLE new ball game!! I picked out these 2 tops & little beanie hat which i think are a combo of his daddie & Uncle Jon!!! I CAN'T WAIT to see them fam this weekend & give them the gift!! ...first baby in my generation on both toooo excited!!

Then on Friday my bff (& new blogger) Hizzle came to town & Christine with the new manfriend from VA to christen Nicole's new house right near 5 points...I KNEW this whole combination is DEADLY so i just knew it wouldn't end well...and i was right!! hahaha...we had SOOOOO much fun DT and then the night concluded ridiculously (we're not gunna discuss on this blog! haha) ...we had slushies, serious life talks, tears, dancing at Red Hot, & being mean to Blake Mitchell so it was a successful night!! Whenever we are all together things just fall right back into place and I just couldn't be more thankful for such amazing friends!!

Apartment 332 = loves of my life! :)

Now I am at work for the week getting excited about:
1.) My DZ's KILLING it in recruitment this week!!!
2.) My new BB Torch coming in the mail...hopefullly on Wed cause im phoneless(lifeless) at the moment!
3.) Heading to the beach AGAIN with my man & seeing my daddie and the rest of the fam in Murrels Inlet for 4 days....literally couldn't be more excited & happy! (I mean unless Snooki disappears off the planet or I win 30 million dollars...either or)

*Kesha - "Take it Off" ...i know she is annoying but i still bump to her beats! :p

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bag Giveaway!!!

Hey y'all! So one of the newest blogs I am following is Pink Martini's & Pearls !! She is having this giveaway with these presh bags that you can win and I am just in love & would adore one to use for the rest of the summer! :)

Good luck! :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Ok so 2 weeks from today I was on a airplane with my 2 best friends headed to California for 4 of the craziest days of my life! haha ...I am originally from NY so I don't consider myself "small town" girl or anything but California is a WHOLE different bowl game!! ...I described it as NY on crack! haha
Our flight was great with no problems (long but no problems) and when we got there we literally became the most touristy people my camera never left my wrist and Cagle took a picture of a pigeon cause it was in Cali! haha! We we're very excited & got to meet up with Mallory one of our sorority sisters (cagle's big) and someone we were SOO close to and we miss sooo much! It was soo great seeing her & so sweet of her to let us stay there and show us around! When we first got there she was still working so we walked about a mile to Rodeo Drive (now keep in mind we didnt think we would be going straight there...and Cagle was still weaaring bike shorts...hahaha...i think people could tell we weren't from around there!

Rodeo was amazing and we just walked around taking pictures of everything with our mouths open!! Just soo pretty and glamorous! And we are 89% sure we saw T.I. in his limted edition white Rolls Royce convertible! It was a great afteroon and we were ready for anything! ...We got cleaned up and headed to Happy Hour in the Valley (which was really night time to us) and had fun just catching up and eating yummie Italian food! ...after getting back to her apt we were DEAD like crashedddd and then woke up at 5:30 am thinking it was 8:30 and sooo excitedd for our first full day there! haha
We got ready and took a cab to the Kodak Theatre and spent the morning (with a starbucks in hand of course) walking around Hollywood, shopping at little boutiques, & taking it all in!!

me & the girls right in front of the Hollywood sign!!

We did a bunch of shopping and got to see a bunch of the Hollywood stars! And by 1pm (Cali time) we were starvinggg and we headed to Canters Famous Deli (yummmie) where we were total tourists and literally took about 30min to order and our sandwhiches were yummie (and they served pickles as bread?!)

We then headed to Sunset and did some more shopping at some more "funky" shops! This part mad me feel like i was in NY with all the haggling and BS they talk to you...I could deff do leave me alone and let me shop! This is where 3 gay guys in a store dressed me up in skin tight, black pleather, no baack, dress and said that was SOO LA and i had to wear it out...yeaaaa buddy in a million years! hahaahah...soo much fun getting all dressed up though!
That night we headed out and got to get all LA dolled up and had a blast (had one too many drinks) and got to dance around and be crazy! haha was also so nice to meet Mallory's friend Jackie and a fellow DZ Alum at USC! :)

DZ 's at dinner! :)

The next day we headed to Santa Monica and started our adventure with my AMAZINGG and crazy little sister Laura!! We got there and went straight to the Promanade and the Santa Monica pier and got to see a very different side of Cali then LA! hahaha

Pacific Ocean behind us!

We just laid out and finalllly got some time to relax and get ready for more craziness!! The people were interestinggg to say the least but we were sad the water was too cold to even touch with your feet (in our opinion) so we just got a little sun!

me & Cagle being dorks!

That night we got ready and hate a late sushi dinner at this place that gives you free Miso Soup (my new fav chaser) and free ice cream! The sushi was yummie and we had lots of Saki & beer! haha ..Then we headed to Dimples (life changing experience)! It is a karaoke bar with fog, free pictures, free videos, glitter, props, & a stripper pole! hahahah basically ridic and we had sooo much fun!!

Then while we were there we had our first "real" celebrity sighting and yes we did karaoke with him...ladies and gentleman get ready for this...

yesss that's Mr. Belding and he is sooo D list its not even funny!

After our ridic karaoke night we tried to get into another "club" that i won't mention without success so we went to IHOP and ate cinnaminions!...basically i don't think ive laughed the way i did at this meal in foreverrrr! sooo much fun!

Then the next day we ventured to In & Out Burger cause we had heard soo much about it...y'all you let me down! It was a good burger don't get me wrong...but i've DEFF had better and the fries weren't good!! soo that was disappointing but we did get to take this pic on the UCLA campus...

After this we headed to Venice Beach and let me tell you something...I have NEVERRRR felt so normal in my life!! These people were FREAKS like i didn't see a normal person the whole time soooo we just walked around intersted/scared! hahhah ..But deff had a great time walking around and seeing everyone! ...that night we went to a local bar & it was fun but nothing crazy which was prob good cause my body was literally MESSED UP!! like i felt like i wanted to throw up all the time...between the drinking, time change, & no sleep my body was hurting by this point! So we got to experience Del Taco (a place you can get tacos with a side of fries...which was amazing) and just hung out and laughed with the roomies!

The flight home was loooong and we all slept most of the way and we got caught in a bad storm when we got back to ATL but all was good and we got back on the road again & got home safely around 130am and then i had to work at 830am the next day! and on top of that...this was the day my week long sickness started because of all the fun I had! haha...I deff felt like death but the whole time i just laughed when i thought of why I was sick! haha

This post is obviously a fraction of what happened and I could go on for days about all our laughs & people we met but of course you wouldn't wanna ready all that! But all in all the experience was AMAZING and i wouldn't trade it for the world! I got to experience a whole new lifestyle and way of living with 2 of my BEST FREINDS Nicole and Cagle...& had a blast doing so! Maybe my next life I will be from LA but going there makes me realize im exactlyyy where I need to be! I love the East Coast & plan to be here for a while! :) haha

**Katy Perry "Teenage Dream" ...idk whyy I'm completely obsessed with this song! haha