Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Book Giveaway!!

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Friday, September 24, 2010


Ok soo first off I'm sorry for not posting last at work busy season just started and I'm barely finding time to do anything let alone blog but I'm trying! But this week we are going to blog about my Junior Year tailgating which is when i lived with my 3 best friends and we had a blast EVERY week! Enjoy...

Me, Nicole, & Elizabeth

This was also the year that me and the girls headed down seperatly to Athens for the UGA game (my first away game ever i believe) and it was without a doubt the most random and fun weekend EVER! We went down there KNOWING we were going to lose and we really didn't care...we just wanted to have a blast and thats what we did!!By the time kick-off came around I was feeling VERYY good and I'm not sure how we found our seats but we ended up in the Carolina section RIGHT NEXT TO the GA fans on our left and man did me and Hizzle have fun in the stands laughing at all the jerks we had to listen to the whole game! To top off the whole weekend we WON...i mean we UPSET them and ruined there whole season and it was awsome....

Me & the girls loving on one of the million bulldogs!

Me, Hizzle & Cagle in the UGA Sigma Chi House (i think)

this was basically 1 minute after we realized we WON!!! :)

Jack & Coke Slushies + We Beat UGA = this picture! :)

Me & 2 of my favorite people...Cagle & Elizabeth tailgating for some game! :)

This year also my parents and my little brothers came to town for the Florida Game which was insane! We had a good time at the DTD tailgate and then had fun and deff showed my parents a good time! When we got into the game I deff brought them to the wrong part of the student section...because people continued to push, elbow, and say stuff to my parent AND my baby brothers! Meanwhile they were all not doing ANYTHING to them and my parents were in Gamecock gear! I know i shouldn't have brought them over there maybe but i wanted them to get the full experience but to actually push and be mean is RIDIC! I was yelling at the kid and almost FLIPPED out and so did my little brother! We enjoyed the game anyway but a security guard had to tell this drunk to BACK OFF!

Me & my baby brothers!

Another tailgate that will go down in history has to be the Clemson tailgate from this year! Nicole brought me over to one of her boyfriends bffs family tailgate outside of a motorhome and I swear I wouldn't need a drop of liquor to be entertained! WOW is all I can say!! It also was my bff's 21st birthday at midnight and although the game didn't go how we wanted...we still tried to make the best out of being in traffic when she turned 21! :)

Jager bombs with the neighbor @ tailgate!

Me & Nicole when she turned 21..."quick put a cone on your head!!!!"

As I end this post i am DEEEEEEEPLY saddened to think that I will be working all weekend and will not be able to attend the game in Auburn (one of my favvv schools) and we have such a huge chance to win and all my bffs are going!!! UGHHHH...seriously im depressed!! But i will have the game on at work watching every play (hopefully)!

Also I want to just let anyone know how sadened I am by this news of Kenny McKinley! He was opne of the best Gamecocks there ever was and will be and by all I have heard from Spurrier and the team he was a GREAT person with a huge smile! I just pray for his young son & family during this hard time! I cannot imagine what would make such an amazing person take his own life but we will prob never know! "Forever to Thee" and R.I.P #11!

We gotta win this weekend for Kenny sooo LETSSSSSS GOOOOOO GAMECOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch Giveaway!

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Happy Friday y'all!

Friday, September 10, 2010


First off let me just say TGIF!!! And you know what this means...GAMECOCK FOOTBALL TOMORROW!! And not only is it a football is the USC/UGA game at home this year and y'all this game is literally my favorite of the whole year! We are fierce rivals and whether we are in Cola or Athens I've always gone and everyone is sooo nice and it always gets super intense! Unfortunetely kick-off this year is at 12pm which is RIDIC but that's ok because I will just have to tailgate before, during, and after! :)

So please enjoy my post about my senior year of tailgating which i believe can be summed up in these words...frat, pick-up trucks, bourban, dancing!

1st picture tailgating in '08!

That picture was taken before the home UGA game 2 years ago....which i believe was an early kick-off as well! These next pictures depict what I usually look/feel like after an early kick-off!

Nicole, me, & Christin

Here are me and 2 of my best friends...i THINK we were finally eating some sort of food at Ale House! you can see we are dehydrated/tired/& sunburnt! hahaha

your jealous of me...i know

This is me literally going crazy in the trunk! hahahaha...gotta love USC Football!

Parent's Weekend

This year my mom and my aunt Lynn decided to come down by themselves and I told them i was bringing them tailgating like a TRUE student and showing them how it is at frat tailgates! Well THEY GET IT NOW! hahahaah...during the tailgate a friend of ours Walker was hitting on them and dancing all around the tailgate with them! By the time we left for the game the fratties were saying..."Bye Mama Griffin & Aunt Lynn" hahahaha....they deff kept up with us pretty well!!

Tennessee Game

This picture is of me and the girls tailgating for the Tennessee Game over Halloween Weekend! Our friends came from Auburn came to help us cheer on the Gamecocks and we seriously had a BLASTTT!!! And im sure everyone driving down that main road saw this!!

Sums up my best friend

If you don't know this is my RIDIC best friend Nicole...this was one of our last games as students and we basically we're doing whatever we wanted! I think this was the game we tried to shove down his throat offered a security guard bourban we snuck into the game! hhaha...but this is when nicole proceeded to ask the band if she could blow into the Tuba ....and for some reason they let her put it on and try to play it! ...I LITERALLY don't think i've EVER laughed this hard in my life...people were turning around and giving us weird looks and i was just DYINGGGGGGG! you P.I.C!

All in all out of my 4years at Carolina my senior year tailgating was by far the best year! We were mostly at the Sigma Chi tailgate (for better or for worse) but we had a blast cause we we're always matter what other drama was going on! I was soooo scared that this was going to be my last year of being ridiculous at tailgate and having fun but LITTLE DID I KNOW (**see last weeks post**)!

I am VERY blessed to go to such an amazing school with RIDIC school spirit...i always dreamed of going to a school like this and it came true!

SOOO GET PUMPEDDDDDDDD it's GA WEEKEND y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pray for me) ...and enjoy this wonderful clip...I am usually found walking the streets screaming this song....


Thursday, September 2, 2010


(ok I know its not Friday but this is the only Thursday game!haha) ...I'm going to put up a blog post every Friday before a game and show some fabuloussss pictures & stories from tailgating! There will be a total of 6's is about POST-GRAD tailgating which let me tell you is just as fun...if not more...then collegiate tailgating if you do it right! Then i will count down to my freshman year of photos were i look so pretty guido and i figured these will be the most ridic so I will do that in the end....and then my final post will be of this years tailgating (2nd season not a collegiate...GASPPPPPPPPPPP)

So my post-grad tailgating has seriously been ridic...I went to EVERY home game and also ventured to UGA (OF COURSEE) & Bama for the away games! I got my first job towards the end of the season but for alot of it i was unemployed not that busy so it was a real life saver to have Carolina football to look forward to while job searching! Here are some highlights:

not sure which game but this is our tailgating crew!!

My best friend Nicole's parents probably hate LOVE seeing me and the girls every weekend and I CANNOT explain to you how thankful I am for them opening up there tailgate and family to me! They are truly my family down here and look forward to seeing them (and pimento cheese sandwhiches) every Saturday in the Farmers Market...and lemme tell you something...they still know how to keep up with the best of us! :)

the 4 bffs super hungover exciteddd to be in Athens!

UGA fans alwaysssssss keep it classy...lemme tell ya!

Our future! :)

Let me explain these women to you...we spent the whole day tailgating at the Sigma Chi House (really did you expect anything else?) and they had a TON of people...and free alochol and a TONNNN of free food! Now i realized all these women were walking around in black aprons then i realized that they all had their name on it along with the frat ANDD the name of their son!!! YESS that's right the UGA moms prepare EVERYTHING for the boys and booze serve them all day! When i found out moms did this suddenly a lightbulb went off in my head...this is what i want to be when I grow up!!!! But no seriously you will see me in some frat house in the south every beware fratstars.

Me, Nicole, & Other Little in the stadium at BAMA!!!

Now this Bama trip deff was a BLAST! It was filled with a TONNN of cricket (my word for ackward) moments buttt I wouldn't have it any other way..i guess! haha ...It was a tad more chilly then expected and I thought everyone would be as sweet as my Elizabeth but sadly they weren't! haha...but i had a BLAST and it was another great experience under my belt! :)

Hours before we beat Ole Miss & I broke my BB screen!

Going to this Ole Miss game was seriously AMAZING!!! we were COMPLETE UNDERDOGS as usual and we ended up beating the NUMBER 4 team in the Country!!! WOWOW it was amazing and the roar of the crowd and celebrating oustide the stadium was something ill never forget(I was literally in tears)! OOOO..and did i mention to you Sigma Chi had Ying Yang twins performing after?? And just a little sidenote...this is usually what I look like at tailgate, during the game, and at the bars afterwards....A MESSSSS!


This is our friend Emily (booooooo Tigers) and of course: MUC-KEN-FUSSSSSSSSSSS!! Bascially the best flip cup partner ever...I'm not kidding he is on my team at EVERY tailgate!!

Clemson/Carolina 2009 Tailgate

Clemson & Carolina game is ALWAYS ridic but we seriously had a blast this year!! Everything gets blackout a little hazy right around halftime of the game(basically 2pm) butttttt i know i had a blast and WE WON!!!!! that's right Tigers!

So basically last year was just as fun or more then my collegiate years of tailgating!! I CANNOT wait to see what this year holds...and I am sad to say i will not be at the game tonite but i already have my ticket for UGA next weekend and we all know how that game will end uppppp....oo and did i mention it starts at 12pm! yeaaaa bad news bears!!


Ok seriously who doesn't like monogramming?!

I have found a very cute giveaway from Brooke Jackson at Shrimp & Glitz Blog! Brooke is a fellow USC GAMECOCK alum & is starting her own little desining business....starting with these PRESHIOUS monograms that she custom designs for you! Here are some examples.....

Perfect: Pink & Green for my DZ's!

I just LOVE this one!!

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