Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 = ALL NEW!

So I know I'm a little late on all this but I have had alot going on! haha ..With 2011 now being here and lots of changes happening I am trying some new things & trying to overall change for the better! Here are my 3 "resolutions" if you want to call them that!

1.) I know everyone says "lose weight" and yes that's I guess the overall goal of my first resolution but to me its more about being healthier and feeling better about myself! I seriously LOVE food and I can't help it...Ive always ate whatever I wanted and my metabolism has been great...but in recent years I can tell that my days of not caring at all what I ate are now up in flames OVER! haha...I'm not one of those people that is going to completely NOT going to eat what I want at all cause I am...I just want to start a "healthier lifestyle" rather then a crash diet! So I've been having great workout sessions at least 3 days a week and I am soon going to join the gym with my bestie so I can start classes again cause classes are REALLY what helps me! ..I'm honestly just waiting till February cause I don't want to deal with all of the New Years Resolution people (ironic huh?)! So portion sizes, gym, & healthier food options already has me feeling better! & I also signed up for a weightloss challenge at work and whoever loses the most BMI points wins an IPAD that deff helps my motivation too!

2.) Being more social! I know if you know me you might think I don't need anymore motivation to do this but in public I want to be more open minded and make sure I go out at LEAST once a week which is usually what I do. As you know from previous posts I am single now after 7 years and mostly this "social" thing pertains to that! I basically just want to be the best me I can so when the right person comes along I am ready...and that they see me at the best I can be as well! Being single after 7 years has been pretty tough...I'm just not use to it and I frankly don't know how to "date" so I'm focusing on me now and in the mean time watch a lot of girly movies & reading lots of Nicholas Sparks to make up for this lack of in my life! haha ...I am very optimistic and I know everything will work out in due time! Basically the way I feel can be summarized in this one line from a Michel Buble song: "I might have to wait...I'll never give up...I guess it's half timing...& the other's half's luck, wherever you are...whenever it's'll come out of nowhere & into my life"

3.) Better communication: Now if you really know me I KNOW your shaking your head on this one but what I mean is stay in better communication! I am the kind of friend that I DON'T need to talk to you ALL the time to know how good of friends we are BUT I just don't want the people I care about to feel that I don't care or I am ignoring them...just cause i feel that way doesn't mean they do. So I have been trying to make more of an effort to communicate with my friends & family more and let them know how i feel about them. I am very blessed and lucky and I hope they never think I don't care or I'm being rude. Cause I swear that is NEVER my intention (unless you're a creeper and I'm trying to ignore you)! haha

I also have been trying to do new things (or old things) for the new year that I enjoy to keep my self occupied & broaden my horizons!

*I have started reading again and I have actually read 4 books in the past 6 months and I am now reading "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks! Growing up I LOVED reading and I can do it rather quickly...I just am a very visual person and if there is something on TV I would rather do that. But I am enjoying reading ALOT!! and sidenote...if you are single I would reccommend Patti Stanger's (from Millionare Matchmaker)book! I got it for my mom for Christmas last year as kind of a joke and she loved it and now in my predicament i read it and LOVED it! :)
*Scrapbooking...My mom got me all the tools and stuff to start last year for Christmas casue I wanted to do one for college and so I have been looking through all my photos & things from college and I'm SOOO excited to get started on this! I just hope my OCD chills a little and my creative inner sorority girl will come out! haha
*Praying: I grew up Roman Catholic and went to Catholic School basically my whole life and now that I'm getting older I am SOO grateful for what I have and who I have and so I have been thanking God for everything and saying some prayers for my future. ...I also want to start going to Church on a more regular basis...need to start that soon!

Things Already on the Horizon for this Year:

1.) I am currently searching for a new place to live come April and I loathe, distane, HATE kinda dislike the process but I know in the end it will be for the best. I am paying WAY to much in rent and I want to live closer to Columbia, my best friends, work, & the bars! stay tuned for that!

2.) A PUPPY! ...I can't stand it! I've always wanted a puppy and now I am the ONLY best friend without one and I need something to take care of that will love me back unconditionally and I need it NOW! I am doing my research and trying to save my $$ so hopefully around my birthday (June) I will have one or start actively searching for one. I just want to live in my new place and get one ASAP!

I also want to start being better with blogging so stay tuned & see what my progress is with that and with everything that I talked about! Hopefully I can keep up with everything! :) ...PEACE & BLESSINGSSS...

Friday, January 7, 2011

FOOTBALL FRIDAY!! the finale...

Okie so as I promised I have my "Football Friday Finale" which is a recap of USC Gamecock Football for this year! Wow seriously has it been an AMAZINGGGG year for us! It's always hard to end on 2 bad notes but everyone needs to look at what we've done this year & look at how far our program has come and all the firts we did (and will continue to do)! All our amazing players are just babies so we have time for them to get even better! So here is a recap of my Football 2010 ridicnesss...

UGA was my first Football Game this year and it was home! And like i said in my UGA pictures i seriously am scared LOVEEEE playing UGA every year! The fans are nothing but nice and it's a huge rivelry which basically sets up either team to win the SEC East Championship! This year Carolina came home with a BIG W (yet again) and we had a great time celebrating!!

me & the girls tailgating before the game! :)

me & Hizzle with our default...WE BEAT GEORGIA faces/pic!

throwin them deucesss up to the Dawgs! ...good luck next year! :)

We also tailgated for Furman...& i don't really remember much from this game because it wasn't important at all but i found a cute pic from it...haha

Which then leads us to the best game ive ever been at/tailgate ive ever experienced in my life!! WE BEAT THE #1 TEAM (& NATIONAL CHAMPIONS) ALABAMA AT HOME!!! Seriously i can't even describe the feeling of this. Yes I may or may not have cried hysterically shed a tear! I couldn't help it...I was sooo proud of my boys & my school!! Rumor also is they are already talking smack & wanting us to play them at home so they can revenge this loss...i say ...BRING IT T TOWN!

Besties doin are "pose" i guess?? haha

Me & the Bama crew from last year...renacting Liz! :) myy favvv

this picture basically describes our tailgate...this was at half-time when we were excitedd but still knew not to freak out just yet..we are the Gamecocks after all!

Then came Halloween/Tennessee weekend. Not that many people in town as expected and it was a noon kick-off...bummer right?? Well not for me & my best friend...we seriously were ridic & had one of the craziest football nights yet..just us! hahahaha

me & the pretty DZ's tailgating! :)

the aftermath...yea this seriously was at 7pm maybe?

And of course another first and one of the biggest games of the year was when we went INTO THE SWAMP & beat those GATORS to win the SEC EAST CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Seriously was sooo proud & honestly couldn't believe we did it & dominated!! & side note: yes me and my little went to William's Brice Stadium at 3:00am to welcome the boys back after the big win! :)

after the big win!!!

This year i also ventured to hell, cow country, redneckville, or Clemson as some people know it for the annual Clemson/Carolina battle for the Palmetto State title game! Now i honestly could write a book about this trip but then i would sound like a negative nancy! So for those few Clemson people that treated me amazing & had fun with me...THANK YOUUUUU I love y'all (old & new friends)and had fun (with y'all) that weekend. And obviously to all my Carolina fans I saw were a breath of fresh air and i love y'all to pieces (especially Nicole, Cagle, & Megan). Now as for everyone else... seriously ew. I have never in my life been treated that bad by fans in my LIFE! Even though you DID NOT ruin my weekend...but rather confirmed my suspicion that i did go to the superior school & I forever will vomit at the sight of orange! Also THANK YOU for making that Tiger beat down even more sweet (even though it didn't really matter for us). Can't wait till you are on my turf next year so i can payback the wonderful hospitality i was shown! :) GOOO COCKSSSS!!
**Ps...PLEASE don't be offended by this comment...I of coursee don't mean that all Clemson fans are awful and there are many who are sweet as pie to me..I was just frustrated and honestly shocked about the way we were treated...I get VERY excited to meet new fans and make new friends and i think i was just more disappointed & let down by the way things went down!

me & the crew tailgating...loveeeee y'all! :)

me & Megan on the field after the win! :)

Then came my first trip to Atlanta for the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!! I seriously couldn't have been more excited to have a mini reunion & just be in the city!! As you well know the game was not our best but i still am SOOOOO proud of my boys for getting into the Championship & also even though i loathe Cam Newton...he's an amazingggg player and we couldn't stop him. period. All that $$ Auburn payed was worth it (if they did) and i waish we had the $$ to buy him! haha. Overall a greatttt weekend with my ATL loves! :)

DZ's do Atl! :)

me, littlebug, DZ roomie/bestfriend!

Last game of the season was NEW YEARS EVE in Atl...yess i went back..i had too! haha... we had a great weekend with my second family but honestly the game was hard to be at/watch! I had a bad feeling cause no matter who we play in bowl games we always seem to do that but I have faith for next year! I also appreciate the fact of being in ATL & the whole weekend! Lots of memories & it was a great place to ring in the new year! :)

me& the girls tailgating with Sir Big Spur!

So I am already looking forward to next year!! which includes an away game in Athens ( always a ridic time), home vs. Florida, our first game in Panthers Stadium, & of course our rematch vs. Auburn (minus Scam Newton)!

Another issue is the Championship Game on Mondy! I'm sorry but i'm gunna have to say that idk how verbal im going to be but i HAVE to root for Auburn...I mean they are the SEC...everyone i know from there is awsome, & they were my 2nd fav team! So im going for my league(the best) GOOO SEC & WAR DAMN EAGLE!! :)