Thursday, October 28, 2010


Ok so if you are my friend on other social networks then you know recently I have had mulitple status on facebook and twitter about JEGGINGS! I'm sorry if I am being annoying I am just OBSESSED...and I haven't even worn mine yet! haha...I now own a pair of jean & black jean jeggings and I really wouldn't describe them as a PLASTERED to my leg type...they do have some shape...I would describe them more as skinny jeans but the label says "JEGGINGS" & I like saying that word so that's what we are going to call them!

The reason they make me soooooo freakinnn exciteddd is because I NEVER thought in a million years I would be able to wear these! I am very short, and I have curves (and i mean curves...thats not another word for fat)...LOTS OF THEM and my body is very balenced in that aspect so i was afraid wearing a jean that was painted on to my wonderfully athletic calves & thighs wouldn't exactly be slimming! So when watching all these celebrites/girls my age wearing these jeans I would be secretly DYING to wear them...

Carrie Underwood (she seriously weighs like 75 pds but i dont care)

...and every once in a while at the store i would try on a pair to only leave the store depressed! But on Tuesday while shopping i FOUND them and I cannot wait to rock them 24/7 with my painful sexual "LA heels" & boots that i have (i also must add more to my collection)!

And the sole person who made me believe I could look good is KIM KARDASHIAN!

She DEFF has a way curvier body then me and a wayyy bigger if she can fit hers into a pair...i knew my day would come and I would be able to! :) So thank you Kim for always looking fabulousss and without a doubt being my "body idol"...i love how you embrace your hips & big boobs and you just rock it!

Another idol I have with Skinny Jeans...who couldn't be the farthest from my "body type" is Victoria Beckham! Another part of her that I COULDNT be more jealous of are her presh kids and that PERFECT/GORGEOUS piece of man candy she calls her husband!!

a girl can dream right?

And I also like this casual use of the jeggings my Sierra Miller...

this picutre also reminds me of a time and another trend I think I'm personally going to start back if I can find them = KEDS!!!! I literally rocked KEDS every single day and I miss them! :(


Friday, October 22, 2010


Since I haven't done one of these in a while ( I know I've been bad...but in my defense on Fridays i usually work an evening shift at work) I want to give a little recap of my GAMECOCKS!! First off 2 weeks ago we knocked off Alabama!!!! We shocked the nation and beat the #1 team and ALL of my best friends from college were in town! Without a doubt this was one of my FAVORITE football memories EVER and I will talk about & show pics from this in my last blog about football this year! :) ...and last weekend I worked and watched the football game on the flat screen here vs. Kentucky. Literally I have no words for this...I'm upset we lost to an awful team right after we knocked off the #1 and I'm upset with Spurriers decision to go for the win instead of the tie...but I'm not gunna really get into it...i'm just sad!

But this post is all about my SOPHMORE year tailgating! This was my first year in the sorority and was an adjustment to tailgating with the fratties & my sorority sisters!!

This picture above is of the first home game vs. UGA with my roomie Courtney!!

This picture was of my momma & aunts who all took a roadtrip down here for Parents Weekend! We deff had a blast and they got to have a taste of how a college girl lives (in a small shoebox apartment) and tailgating with some frat boys! I am SOO lucky and blessed to have such an amazing mom and aunts who are ALWAYS there for me and show me the best example of what a strong woman is! :)

Me & the girls in some football game with the Lambda Chi's who we did homecoming with that year! My how things have changed....

Here is me and the girls tailgating at Seawells for a game!

Sophomore year was a great year but it was filled with adjusting to sorority life and living on my own in an apartment. This year of tailgating was fun but coming in as a sophomore and wanting to tailgate with sisters but not really knowing anyone that well in the begining was hard!

And as for this weekend we play Vandy away in TN and I am a VERY superstitious person when it comes to sports and I realized that the 2 games we lost were away and I was at work watching them without a BEAT whoever sticker on!! This weekend I made sure I made the trip to get the BEAT VANDY sticker butttt I will be at work everyone just PRAY that without LAttimore we will pull it together and learn how to win vs. the SEC on the road...and if we lose again...I will freak and be scared to ever watch a game at work again! haha

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am in LOVE!

Ok so I know I have been AWFUL with bloggin lately but I promise to get better and will write a regular update blog ASAP...BUTTT I found this absolutely PRESHIOUS jewelry giveaway and what girl doesn't LOVE cute jewelery?? Sweet Southern Prep is hosting a giveaway from Carolina Grace Jewelry and I haven't heard of her before but I am in LOVE with her stuff and would suggest checking her out and entering this giveaway!!

not sure how much stuff I can wear with this but I WANT IT!!!

how can you get more perfect GAMECOCK tailgating earrings??

if you know me you know im OBSESSED with mautical everything...i mean was this not made for my wrist??

Good luck with the contest and if you go over and enter please remember to mention you heard it from me! :) thanks!

Friday, October 1, 2010

All Southern Giveaway

So I was introduced to this this new brand (has been out since 2005) called "Southern Proper" and one of my favorite blogs to follow Kitchen Belleicious is doing a giveaway for the brand that I'm very excited about! Im feeling like this brand could become the new Vineyard Vines or Southern Tide...its SOOO cute!!

this would be a perfect addition to my tshirt collection!

The giveaway includes 2 mens shirts and this CUTE green polo:

And with models that look like this...i might just go on her site to look at them!

Anyway I think this is a super cute brand and so hurry over to her blog and enter NOW!! And while you are there mention that I sent you over there! Thanks & have a good weekend! :)