Monday, December 20, 2010

great Giveaway for those extra holiday pounds!

So I know most people's New Years Resolution is to lose weight & get skinner! Well this is the PERFECT giveaway for this & also to lose those extra holiday pounds! Brittney at Running in High Heels is doing this fabulous giveaway because she now has 700 followers (CONGRATS!)
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Monday, November 22, 2010

What I Am Thankful For...

Hey y'all sooo I know that I have been slack with the Football Friday blogs but my next one is tailgating this year and with these next 2 HUGE games coming up...I didn't want to leave those out so you will get the last post after the season is officially over!

A lot also is changing with me and I don't like talking about REALLY personel things on the computer like relationships but me and my bf of 7 years decided to end our relationship last week. I honestly just feel numb about the whole situation and just feel sad all the time about the whole thing. I hope soon that we can come together and figure out how we are going to handle still being in each others lives because he is one of my best friends and I can't imagine my life without him in it in some capacity. So for right now I am in a total transition phase of my life and learning how to just be me everyday...

So now that it is Thanksgiving week I am heading to the BEACH tomorrow afternoon for my yearly Thanksgiving with my Aunt, Uncle, & cousins and i CANNOT wait! It couldn't have been more perfect timing and I swear i say that every year!! So before I head out I wanted to just list a couple of things that I am thankful for...

1.) Last week my cousins Justin & Lauren Griffin welcomed their FIRST baby into the world!!

Austin John Griffin born November 16th at 4:44pm♥ 8lbs 1oz. & 20inches!

How cutee isss heeeeee??? I just wanna eat him up!! And since I am heading to the beach I get to meet this little angel when he is only a week old and i am SOOOOO excitedd!! If you know me you know im OBSESSED with kids & babies and I don't think i have held a week old baby since i was about 12! ..I will be posting MANY pictures of me holding the baby I am sure! And this baby is basically the 1st baby in my generation on both sides of my it just shows how we are all growing up! :)

2.) MY FAMILY!!!

I always say this but i truly am SOOO blessed to have the family that I do!! My momma is one of my best friends and always has the BEST advice and I have learned SOO much from such an amazing and strong influence! I also have a Daddie that has been there since the day I was born and has always treated me like a princess! When my parents divorced when i was 1 he was the ONLY dad at ballet class trying to put my hair in a bun! haha! And of course both of my "baby" brothers are growing up SOO fast and now play for 8th grade Football team as a captain and the other is on Varsity HS football at JJ! I am sooo proud & miss them alot...makes me sad sometimes to think that i am not there with them at this time but they know I love them. And of course my extended family is amazinggg and we are soo close! I am very blessed in this dept. and always have been!

3.) My best friends!!!

My best friends from college are AMAZING! this girls have helped me through anything and everything these past 5 years! Being so far from home is not that easy of a thing but with them and their support it truly doesn't feel like it because these girls have become a family to me! And of course my best friends from HS especially Caitlin...I can't thank them enough for their continued support even though we are so far apart from each other! I love all of them dearly and couldn't ask for a better support system...I truly have my best friends and bridesmaids and I am SOO thankful for that!


"forever to thee"

This year has been one AMAZING year for us gamecocks and I truly now see that God must be a Gamecock fan because WOWOWOW!! Our programs in all sports have changed SOO much since I first came to school here and I love still being here in town and being able to go to almost EVERY game...there is nothing like Columbia, SC during a home game on a Saturday! Up next for my Gamecocks is our rival Clemson and its away and with our plans and a 7pm kick-off I'm sure this weekend will go down in the record books!! and also we are in the midst of planning our weekend in ATL next weekend for the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP game vs. Auburn!! I am SOO glad we get to have this rematch and I will be there! This is going to be an amazing 2 weeks of GAMECOCK football and regardless I will always bleed Garnet & Black! :)

5.) MY JOB!!!
This time last year I was pretty lost & confused and not so much enjoying my sales job! And this year I have this amazingggg job that I absolutely LOVE and I love everyone that I work with...I couldn't be more blessed at this age to have a job that I love and I can't wait to see what my future holds here!

So this Thanksgiving as I go to Murrells Inlet for a traditional Italian meal I will just sit and reflect on all God has given me and pray for his guidance in my future! I will miss my NY family but I will get to see them all in ONE month! I hope everyone has a FABULOUS thanksgiving with friends & family and has time to reflect on what they have! :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cute Lilly P Bag Giveaway!

So one blog that I abolutely love to follow is Sweet Southern Prep! She is doing this PRESHIOUS Lilly P gave giveaway and who wouldn't love to rock this bag next summer!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Football Friday!! Pt. 5

Ok soooooooo this is my freshman year tailgating! I'm gunna warn you know that most of my pictures from this year are burned lost somewhere! I'm thinking they got wiped out on my computer when it crashed (sad I know)! But I did happen to spare some good ones! haha

Now this year I was best friends with three girls (Stephanie, Courtney, & Kelley) whom I miss dearly and had such an amazing year with. All three of us were not Greek at all and we became best friends with this big group of guys from Summerville, SC. And I literally mean we were over there during the week & would rage every weekend! They are very sweet boys who looked out for us during our mature dumb things we did throughout that year trying to adjust to being in college! haha

And yes you DON'T need to remind me about how hot utterly Guidette esk I look! haha...I was transitioning and I was from NY people so give me a break!

this is me and the girls with some of the Summerville boys

Parents Weekend!!

So this Parents Weekend was a lot different then my others cause my mom didn't really know I was drinking and we did the "official" USC Parents Tailgate which im sorry USC...STEP IT UP! I also apparently wanted to get "dressed up" for a game rather then wearing a t-shirt of some sort but decided to wear garnet & black nothing close to our school colors!

my first USC/Clemson Game

I hope y'all enjoyed laughing at my wonderful freshman year pictures! I try to keep them as locked up as possible...and NO I will never put pictures of me from highschool on here...those are legendary and locked up! haha
This weekend is the USC HOMECOMING GAME vs. Arkansas and this is the FIRST game in 5 years thats a big home game, I will be in town, and not attending! That's right! Big girl world called and some idiots people in love are getting married and I must work!!! :( :( So i will sadly be watching the game at work and meeting everyone DIRECTLY DT afterwards!! ughh this is going to be bad!! I think the only thing getting me through this is knowing that today at work I am working the USC Homecoming Gala and The USC Baseball National Championship Banquet...which means the whole baseball team PLUS the rings will be here! YAYAYA :)

Have a good/safe weekend and as ALWAYS:

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Ok so if you are my friend on other social networks then you know recently I have had mulitple status on facebook and twitter about JEGGINGS! I'm sorry if I am being annoying I am just OBSESSED...and I haven't even worn mine yet! haha...I now own a pair of jean & black jean jeggings and I really wouldn't describe them as a PLASTERED to my leg type...they do have some shape...I would describe them more as skinny jeans but the label says "JEGGINGS" & I like saying that word so that's what we are going to call them!

The reason they make me soooooo freakinnn exciteddd is because I NEVER thought in a million years I would be able to wear these! I am very short, and I have curves (and i mean curves...thats not another word for fat)...LOTS OF THEM and my body is very balenced in that aspect so i was afraid wearing a jean that was painted on to my wonderfully athletic calves & thighs wouldn't exactly be slimming! So when watching all these celebrites/girls my age wearing these jeans I would be secretly DYING to wear them...

Carrie Underwood (she seriously weighs like 75 pds but i dont care)

...and every once in a while at the store i would try on a pair to only leave the store depressed! But on Tuesday while shopping i FOUND them and I cannot wait to rock them 24/7 with my painful sexual "LA heels" & boots that i have (i also must add more to my collection)!

And the sole person who made me believe I could look good is KIM KARDASHIAN!

She DEFF has a way curvier body then me and a wayyy bigger if she can fit hers into a pair...i knew my day would come and I would be able to! :) So thank you Kim for always looking fabulousss and without a doubt being my "body idol"...i love how you embrace your hips & big boobs and you just rock it!

Another idol I have with Skinny Jeans...who couldn't be the farthest from my "body type" is Victoria Beckham! Another part of her that I COULDNT be more jealous of are her presh kids and that PERFECT/GORGEOUS piece of man candy she calls her husband!!

a girl can dream right?

And I also like this casual use of the jeggings my Sierra Miller...

this picutre also reminds me of a time and another trend I think I'm personally going to start back if I can find them = KEDS!!!! I literally rocked KEDS every single day and I miss them! :(


Friday, October 22, 2010


Since I haven't done one of these in a while ( I know I've been bad...but in my defense on Fridays i usually work an evening shift at work) I want to give a little recap of my GAMECOCKS!! First off 2 weeks ago we knocked off Alabama!!!! We shocked the nation and beat the #1 team and ALL of my best friends from college were in town! Without a doubt this was one of my FAVORITE football memories EVER and I will talk about & show pics from this in my last blog about football this year! :) ...and last weekend I worked and watched the football game on the flat screen here vs. Kentucky. Literally I have no words for this...I'm upset we lost to an awful team right after we knocked off the #1 and I'm upset with Spurriers decision to go for the win instead of the tie...but I'm not gunna really get into it...i'm just sad!

But this post is all about my SOPHMORE year tailgating! This was my first year in the sorority and was an adjustment to tailgating with the fratties & my sorority sisters!!

This picture above is of the first home game vs. UGA with my roomie Courtney!!

This picture was of my momma & aunts who all took a roadtrip down here for Parents Weekend! We deff had a blast and they got to have a taste of how a college girl lives (in a small shoebox apartment) and tailgating with some frat boys! I am SOO lucky and blessed to have such an amazing mom and aunts who are ALWAYS there for me and show me the best example of what a strong woman is! :)

Me & the girls in some football game with the Lambda Chi's who we did homecoming with that year! My how things have changed....

Here is me and the girls tailgating at Seawells for a game!

Sophomore year was a great year but it was filled with adjusting to sorority life and living on my own in an apartment. This year of tailgating was fun but coming in as a sophomore and wanting to tailgate with sisters but not really knowing anyone that well in the begining was hard!

And as for this weekend we play Vandy away in TN and I am a VERY superstitious person when it comes to sports and I realized that the 2 games we lost were away and I was at work watching them without a BEAT whoever sticker on!! This weekend I made sure I made the trip to get the BEAT VANDY sticker butttt I will be at work everyone just PRAY that without LAttimore we will pull it together and learn how to win vs. the SEC on the road...and if we lose again...I will freak and be scared to ever watch a game at work again! haha

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am in LOVE!

Ok so I know I have been AWFUL with bloggin lately but I promise to get better and will write a regular update blog ASAP...BUTTT I found this absolutely PRESHIOUS jewelry giveaway and what girl doesn't LOVE cute jewelery?? Sweet Southern Prep is hosting a giveaway from Carolina Grace Jewelry and I haven't heard of her before but I am in LOVE with her stuff and would suggest checking her out and entering this giveaway!!

not sure how much stuff I can wear with this but I WANT IT!!!

how can you get more perfect GAMECOCK tailgating earrings??

if you know me you know im OBSESSED with mautical everything...i mean was this not made for my wrist??

Good luck with the contest and if you go over and enter please remember to mention you heard it from me! :) thanks!

Friday, October 1, 2010

All Southern Giveaway

So I was introduced to this this new brand (has been out since 2005) called "Southern Proper" and one of my favorite blogs to follow Kitchen Belleicious is doing a giveaway for the brand that I'm very excited about! Im feeling like this brand could become the new Vineyard Vines or Southern Tide...its SOOO cute!!

this would be a perfect addition to my tshirt collection!

The giveaway includes 2 mens shirts and this CUTE green polo:

And with models that look like this...i might just go on her site to look at them!

Anyway I think this is a super cute brand and so hurry over to her blog and enter NOW!! And while you are there mention that I sent you over there! Thanks & have a good weekend! :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Book Giveaway!!

Hey y'all! So there is this super cute giveaway over at the Sweet Southern Prep's blog! She is going to be giving away a copy of Lisa Birnbach's book "True Prep"!

And also she is throwing in this PRESHIOUS Lilly Photo Book!!

Since i am into ANYTHING/EVERYTHING Preppy & Lilly I'm pretty sure this contest is perfect for me! So hurry over to her blog for her giveaway which ends on 10/14! And when you go over there PLEASE tell her I sent you!! Thanks! :)

Friday, September 24, 2010


Ok soo first off I'm sorry for not posting last at work busy season just started and I'm barely finding time to do anything let alone blog but I'm trying! But this week we are going to blog about my Junior Year tailgating which is when i lived with my 3 best friends and we had a blast EVERY week! Enjoy...

Me, Nicole, & Elizabeth

This was also the year that me and the girls headed down seperatly to Athens for the UGA game (my first away game ever i believe) and it was without a doubt the most random and fun weekend EVER! We went down there KNOWING we were going to lose and we really didn't care...we just wanted to have a blast and thats what we did!!By the time kick-off came around I was feeling VERYY good and I'm not sure how we found our seats but we ended up in the Carolina section RIGHT NEXT TO the GA fans on our left and man did me and Hizzle have fun in the stands laughing at all the jerks we had to listen to the whole game! To top off the whole weekend we WON...i mean we UPSET them and ruined there whole season and it was awsome....

Me & the girls loving on one of the million bulldogs!

Me, Hizzle & Cagle in the UGA Sigma Chi House (i think)

this was basically 1 minute after we realized we WON!!! :)

Jack & Coke Slushies + We Beat UGA = this picture! :)

Me & 2 of my favorite people...Cagle & Elizabeth tailgating for some game! :)

This year also my parents and my little brothers came to town for the Florida Game which was insane! We had a good time at the DTD tailgate and then had fun and deff showed my parents a good time! When we got into the game I deff brought them to the wrong part of the student section...because people continued to push, elbow, and say stuff to my parent AND my baby brothers! Meanwhile they were all not doing ANYTHING to them and my parents were in Gamecock gear! I know i shouldn't have brought them over there maybe but i wanted them to get the full experience but to actually push and be mean is RIDIC! I was yelling at the kid and almost FLIPPED out and so did my little brother! We enjoyed the game anyway but a security guard had to tell this drunk to BACK OFF!

Me & my baby brothers!

Another tailgate that will go down in history has to be the Clemson tailgate from this year! Nicole brought me over to one of her boyfriends bffs family tailgate outside of a motorhome and I swear I wouldn't need a drop of liquor to be entertained! WOW is all I can say!! It also was my bff's 21st birthday at midnight and although the game didn't go how we wanted...we still tried to make the best out of being in traffic when she turned 21! :)

Jager bombs with the neighbor @ tailgate!

Me & Nicole when she turned 21..."quick put a cone on your head!!!!"

As I end this post i am DEEEEEEEPLY saddened to think that I will be working all weekend and will not be able to attend the game in Auburn (one of my favvv schools) and we have such a huge chance to win and all my bffs are going!!! UGHHHH...seriously im depressed!! But i will have the game on at work watching every play (hopefully)!

Also I want to just let anyone know how sadened I am by this news of Kenny McKinley! He was opne of the best Gamecocks there ever was and will be and by all I have heard from Spurrier and the team he was a GREAT person with a huge smile! I just pray for his young son & family during this hard time! I cannot imagine what would make such an amazing person take his own life but we will prob never know! "Forever to Thee" and R.I.P #11!

We gotta win this weekend for Kenny sooo LETSSSSSS GOOOOOO GAMECOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch Giveaway!

Hey y'all so I found this preshious giveaway last minute and I know she is choosing the winner today so y'all better HURRY UP!!! It is this gorgeous Michael Kors watch:

I just ADORE this watch and feel like it would go with almost ALL of my outfits and would look preshious out tailgating! So hurry over there to Pink Preppy Lilly Lovers blog and enter!!
Happy Friday y'all!

Friday, September 10, 2010


First off let me just say TGIF!!! And you know what this means...GAMECOCK FOOTBALL TOMORROW!! And not only is it a football is the USC/UGA game at home this year and y'all this game is literally my favorite of the whole year! We are fierce rivals and whether we are in Cola or Athens I've always gone and everyone is sooo nice and it always gets super intense! Unfortunetely kick-off this year is at 12pm which is RIDIC but that's ok because I will just have to tailgate before, during, and after! :)

So please enjoy my post about my senior year of tailgating which i believe can be summed up in these words...frat, pick-up trucks, bourban, dancing!

1st picture tailgating in '08!

That picture was taken before the home UGA game 2 years ago....which i believe was an early kick-off as well! These next pictures depict what I usually look/feel like after an early kick-off!

Nicole, me, & Christin

Here are me and 2 of my best friends...i THINK we were finally eating some sort of food at Ale House! you can see we are dehydrated/tired/& sunburnt! hahaha

your jealous of me...i know

This is me literally going crazy in the trunk! hahahaha...gotta love USC Football!

Parent's Weekend

This year my mom and my aunt Lynn decided to come down by themselves and I told them i was bringing them tailgating like a TRUE student and showing them how it is at frat tailgates! Well THEY GET IT NOW! hahahaah...during the tailgate a friend of ours Walker was hitting on them and dancing all around the tailgate with them! By the time we left for the game the fratties were saying..."Bye Mama Griffin & Aunt Lynn" hahahaha....they deff kept up with us pretty well!!

Tennessee Game

This picture is of me and the girls tailgating for the Tennessee Game over Halloween Weekend! Our friends came from Auburn came to help us cheer on the Gamecocks and we seriously had a BLASTTT!!! And im sure everyone driving down that main road saw this!!

Sums up my best friend

If you don't know this is my RIDIC best friend Nicole...this was one of our last games as students and we basically we're doing whatever we wanted! I think this was the game we tried to shove down his throat offered a security guard bourban we snuck into the game! hhaha...but this is when nicole proceeded to ask the band if she could blow into the Tuba ....and for some reason they let her put it on and try to play it! ...I LITERALLY don't think i've EVER laughed this hard in my life...people were turning around and giving us weird looks and i was just DYINGGGGGGG! you P.I.C!

All in all out of my 4years at Carolina my senior year tailgating was by far the best year! We were mostly at the Sigma Chi tailgate (for better or for worse) but we had a blast cause we we're always matter what other drama was going on! I was soooo scared that this was going to be my last year of being ridiculous at tailgate and having fun but LITTLE DID I KNOW (**see last weeks post**)!

I am VERY blessed to go to such an amazing school with RIDIC school spirit...i always dreamed of going to a school like this and it came true!

SOOO GET PUMPEDDDDDDDD it's GA WEEKEND y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pray for me) ...and enjoy this wonderful clip...I am usually found walking the streets screaming this song....


Thursday, September 2, 2010


(ok I know its not Friday but this is the only Thursday game!haha) ...I'm going to put up a blog post every Friday before a game and show some fabuloussss pictures & stories from tailgating! There will be a total of 6's is about POST-GRAD tailgating which let me tell you is just as fun...if not more...then collegiate tailgating if you do it right! Then i will count down to my freshman year of photos were i look so pretty guido and i figured these will be the most ridic so I will do that in the end....and then my final post will be of this years tailgating (2nd season not a collegiate...GASPPPPPPPPPPP)

So my post-grad tailgating has seriously been ridic...I went to EVERY home game and also ventured to UGA (OF COURSEE) & Bama for the away games! I got my first job towards the end of the season but for alot of it i was unemployed not that busy so it was a real life saver to have Carolina football to look forward to while job searching! Here are some highlights:

not sure which game but this is our tailgating crew!!

My best friend Nicole's parents probably hate LOVE seeing me and the girls every weekend and I CANNOT explain to you how thankful I am for them opening up there tailgate and family to me! They are truly my family down here and look forward to seeing them (and pimento cheese sandwhiches) every Saturday in the Farmers Market...and lemme tell you something...they still know how to keep up with the best of us! :)

the 4 bffs super hungover exciteddd to be in Athens!

UGA fans alwaysssssss keep it classy...lemme tell ya!

Our future! :)

Let me explain these women to you...we spent the whole day tailgating at the Sigma Chi House (really did you expect anything else?) and they had a TON of people...and free alochol and a TONNNN of free food! Now i realized all these women were walking around in black aprons then i realized that they all had their name on it along with the frat ANDD the name of their son!!! YESS that's right the UGA moms prepare EVERYTHING for the boys and booze serve them all day! When i found out moms did this suddenly a lightbulb went off in my head...this is what i want to be when I grow up!!!! But no seriously you will see me in some frat house in the south every beware fratstars.

Me, Nicole, & Other Little in the stadium at BAMA!!!

Now this Bama trip deff was a BLAST! It was filled with a TONNN of cricket (my word for ackward) moments buttt I wouldn't have it any other way..i guess! haha ...It was a tad more chilly then expected and I thought everyone would be as sweet as my Elizabeth but sadly they weren't! haha...but i had a BLAST and it was another great experience under my belt! :)

Hours before we beat Ole Miss & I broke my BB screen!

Going to this Ole Miss game was seriously AMAZING!!! we were COMPLETE UNDERDOGS as usual and we ended up beating the NUMBER 4 team in the Country!!! WOWOW it was amazing and the roar of the crowd and celebrating oustide the stadium was something ill never forget(I was literally in tears)! OOOO..and did i mention to you Sigma Chi had Ying Yang twins performing after?? And just a little sidenote...this is usually what I look like at tailgate, during the game, and at the bars afterwards....A MESSSSS!


This is our friend Emily (booooooo Tigers) and of course: MUC-KEN-FUSSSSSSSSSSS!! Bascially the best flip cup partner ever...I'm not kidding he is on my team at EVERY tailgate!!

Clemson/Carolina 2009 Tailgate

Clemson & Carolina game is ALWAYS ridic but we seriously had a blast this year!! Everything gets blackout a little hazy right around halftime of the game(basically 2pm) butttttt i know i had a blast and WE WON!!!!! that's right Tigers!

So basically last year was just as fun or more then my collegiate years of tailgating!! I CANNOT wait to see what this year holds...and I am sad to say i will not be at the game tonite but i already have my ticket for UGA next weekend and we all know how that game will end uppppp....oo and did i mention it starts at 12pm! yeaaaa bad news bears!!