Monday, November 22, 2010

What I Am Thankful For...

Hey y'all sooo I know that I have been slack with the Football Friday blogs but my next one is tailgating this year and with these next 2 HUGE games coming up...I didn't want to leave those out so you will get the last post after the season is officially over!

A lot also is changing with me and I don't like talking about REALLY personel things on the computer like relationships but me and my bf of 7 years decided to end our relationship last week. I honestly just feel numb about the whole situation and just feel sad all the time about the whole thing. I hope soon that we can come together and figure out how we are going to handle still being in each others lives because he is one of my best friends and I can't imagine my life without him in it in some capacity. So for right now I am in a total transition phase of my life and learning how to just be me everyday...

So now that it is Thanksgiving week I am heading to the BEACH tomorrow afternoon for my yearly Thanksgiving with my Aunt, Uncle, & cousins and i CANNOT wait! It couldn't have been more perfect timing and I swear i say that every year!! So before I head out I wanted to just list a couple of things that I am thankful for...

1.) Last week my cousins Justin & Lauren Griffin welcomed their FIRST baby into the world!!

Austin John Griffin born November 16th at 4:44pm♥ 8lbs 1oz. & 20inches!

How cutee isss heeeeee??? I just wanna eat him up!! And since I am heading to the beach I get to meet this little angel when he is only a week old and i am SOOOOO excitedd!! If you know me you know im OBSESSED with kids & babies and I don't think i have held a week old baby since i was about 12! ..I will be posting MANY pictures of me holding the baby I am sure! And this baby is basically the 1st baby in my generation on both sides of my it just shows how we are all growing up! :)

2.) MY FAMILY!!!

I always say this but i truly am SOOO blessed to have the family that I do!! My momma is one of my best friends and always has the BEST advice and I have learned SOO much from such an amazing and strong influence! I also have a Daddie that has been there since the day I was born and has always treated me like a princess! When my parents divorced when i was 1 he was the ONLY dad at ballet class trying to put my hair in a bun! haha! And of course both of my "baby" brothers are growing up SOO fast and now play for 8th grade Football team as a captain and the other is on Varsity HS football at JJ! I am sooo proud & miss them alot...makes me sad sometimes to think that i am not there with them at this time but they know I love them. And of course my extended family is amazinggg and we are soo close! I am very blessed in this dept. and always have been!

3.) My best friends!!!

My best friends from college are AMAZING! this girls have helped me through anything and everything these past 5 years! Being so far from home is not that easy of a thing but with them and their support it truly doesn't feel like it because these girls have become a family to me! And of course my best friends from HS especially Caitlin...I can't thank them enough for their continued support even though we are so far apart from each other! I love all of them dearly and couldn't ask for a better support system...I truly have my best friends and bridesmaids and I am SOO thankful for that!


"forever to thee"

This year has been one AMAZING year for us gamecocks and I truly now see that God must be a Gamecock fan because WOWOWOW!! Our programs in all sports have changed SOO much since I first came to school here and I love still being here in town and being able to go to almost EVERY game...there is nothing like Columbia, SC during a home game on a Saturday! Up next for my Gamecocks is our rival Clemson and its away and with our plans and a 7pm kick-off I'm sure this weekend will go down in the record books!! and also we are in the midst of planning our weekend in ATL next weekend for the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP game vs. Auburn!! I am SOO glad we get to have this rematch and I will be there! This is going to be an amazing 2 weeks of GAMECOCK football and regardless I will always bleed Garnet & Black! :)

5.) MY JOB!!!
This time last year I was pretty lost & confused and not so much enjoying my sales job! And this year I have this amazingggg job that I absolutely LOVE and I love everyone that I work with...I couldn't be more blessed at this age to have a job that I love and I can't wait to see what my future holds here!

So this Thanksgiving as I go to Murrells Inlet for a traditional Italian meal I will just sit and reflect on all God has given me and pray for his guidance in my future! I will miss my NY family but I will get to see them all in ONE month! I hope everyone has a FABULOUS thanksgiving with friends & family and has time to reflect on what they have! :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cute Lilly P Bag Giveaway!

So one blog that I abolutely love to follow is Sweet Southern Prep! She is doing this PRESHIOUS Lilly P gave giveaway and who wouldn't love to rock this bag next summer!

So go over & enter quick! And when you do don't forget to say you heard about this from me! Thanks! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Football Friday!! Pt. 5

Ok soooooooo this is my freshman year tailgating! I'm gunna warn you know that most of my pictures from this year are burned lost somewhere! I'm thinking they got wiped out on my computer when it crashed (sad I know)! But I did happen to spare some good ones! haha

Now this year I was best friends with three girls (Stephanie, Courtney, & Kelley) whom I miss dearly and had such an amazing year with. All three of us were not Greek at all and we became best friends with this big group of guys from Summerville, SC. And I literally mean we were over there during the week & would rage every weekend! They are very sweet boys who looked out for us during our mature dumb things we did throughout that year trying to adjust to being in college! haha

And yes you DON'T need to remind me about how hot utterly Guidette esk I look! haha...I was transitioning and I was from NY people so give me a break!

this is me and the girls with some of the Summerville boys

Parents Weekend!!

So this Parents Weekend was a lot different then my others cause my mom didn't really know I was drinking and we did the "official" USC Parents Tailgate which im sorry USC...STEP IT UP! I also apparently wanted to get "dressed up" for a game rather then wearing a t-shirt of some sort but decided to wear garnet & black nothing close to our school colors!

my first USC/Clemson Game

I hope y'all enjoyed laughing at my wonderful freshman year pictures! I try to keep them as locked up as possible...and NO I will never put pictures of me from highschool on here...those are legendary and locked up! haha
This weekend is the USC HOMECOMING GAME vs. Arkansas and this is the FIRST game in 5 years thats a big home game, I will be in town, and not attending! That's right! Big girl world called and some idiots people in love are getting married and I must work!!! :( :( So i will sadly be watching the game at work and meeting everyone DIRECTLY DT afterwards!! ughh this is going to be bad!! I think the only thing getting me through this is knowing that today at work I am working the USC Homecoming Gala and The USC Baseball National Championship Banquet...which means the whole baseball team PLUS the rings will be here! YAYAYA :)

Have a good/safe weekend and as ALWAYS: