Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Things Happening....

Hey ya'll! So I know slacking isn't the word to describe my blogging the past 3months...and I apologize but I still don't have internet at my new apartment so bare with me. And yes I said new APARTMENT because I moved in about 2 months ago now and i absolutely ADORE is huge and still kind of bare (especially in the living room) but I slowly but surely will make it my own! And another exciting addition to my apartment will be my boyfriend Seth moving in next month and i am SOOOOOOOO excited for this! I can't wait to just lay in bed, cook together, fish in the lake in the back of the apartment, and just learn more about each other then we know now! :)

Another HUGE change that just happened is that I got another job offer so I will be leaving my position at NEW 92 as an account executive and as of Monday I will be the new Event Coordinator at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center and i COULDN'T be more excited to start this new journey!! I am going to get to coordinate weddings, proms, cooking schools, and other fun stuff and all while doing what I love and what I went to school for! This is such a big step towards what I want to be doing and I am very grateful for the opportunity and can't wait to work crazy hours and really get into the events!

Now believe me I am excited for this opportunity but believe me it has nothingg to do with NEW 92 and I am SOO grateful for my 6 months there and in that time I have learned SO much about Sales and being a grown up and also getting some amazing experiences that I will never forget! I will miss the people at the station and I will DEFF miss being close to the entertainment industry (which is where I ultimately want to be) but I feel like I will somehow maybe later end up back in the industry in some shape or form but "everything happens for a reason" so we will see! Some amazing memories that I have had while working at the station include the following:

Me & Chris Young! :)

Me & Easton Corbin outside his tour bus!!

Me & SC's own Bridgette's next big thing! :)

Baby Tay at her concert! ..amazingg seats!

Me & the sweet Ms. Carrie Underwood...we're basically like Barbie & Theresa! haha :)

Me & my favorite Sigma Chi...Mr. Luke Bryan! :)

Thanks for reading ya'll and I will keep you updated on my new JOB and all the Bridezillas that I will encounter! haha

*Jarrod Neimann "Lover, Lover" OBSESSED and everytime we play it at the station they talk about how obsessed I am with this song! haha

**If you haven't heard Mr. Blake Shelton FINALLY popped the question after 5 years to Ms. Miranda Lambert and I am SOOO happy and excited for the 2 of them...deff some of my favorites in country music!! CONGRATS YALL!


A - Age: 22 (about to be 23 on June 5th!)

B - Bed Size: Queen...Just got my first big girl bed (that I bought myself!)

C - Chore you hate: Dusting

D - Dog's name: ?? But I hope to get a puppy within the next year maybe! :)

E - Essential start your day item: just on Monday's I get Starbucks to start the week!

F - Favorite color: pink and any pastels!

G - Gold or Silver: I use to be HUGE on silver but I've been liking gold the past couple of years!

H - Height: 5' 1"

I - Instruments you play(ed): never played an instrument...just sang!

J - Job title: Event Coordinator!

K - Kid(s): noone for me yet...gotta get a husband first!

L - Living arrangements: I live in a new apartment and my boyfriend Seth is moving in with me next month and i CANNOT wait!

M - Mom's name: Sharon

N - Nicknames: Peanie, Shortie, Moni, MonBon

O - Overnight hospital: Nope never had to stay in the hospital overnight..thank God!

P - Pet peeve: I have a bunch but I hate when people are just rude and not nice for no reason

Q - Quote from a movie: "...But I want you...all of and me..." -The Notebook

R - Right or left handed: Right

S - Siblings: My 2 baby brothers Joey & Chris

T - Time you wake up: Well it will be different with my new job but for the radio station I got up everyday at 7:30!

U - Underwear: Yep.

V - Vegetable you dislike: beans, brussel sprouts, beats

W - Ways you run late: haha..I HATE being late so I usually try not to but sometimes it happens!

X - X-rays you've had: teeth, on my fingers cause I've broken like all of them, my arm, and I use to have bone ages once a year to see how tall I would get! haha

Y - Yummy food you make: Cooking is a new thing that I am starting and I really do love it when i cook...and so far my successes have been: lasagna, penne pasta with sausage and peppers, peanut butter balls, and some others but I have a crock pot now so im exciteddd! :)

Z - Zoo favorite: Probably the monkeys and baby anything cause I love all the baby animals! haha