Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 8!

A picture that makes you laugh

I'm pretty sure there are countless pictures from college that make me die out laughing every time I see them but this one might take the cake!
I know it's not the best quality because it is a picture of a picture but this is NOT A JOKE! Me and all the Spring Breakers at the hotel witnessed Ludd and Bev do this fabulous dance contest! Ludd was one of the "Philly boys" that I had talked about in previous posts! And the older lady is Bev and she wouldn't tell us how old she was but we are guessing around 85! ...And yes that is one of her bathing suits she wore all week...usually they were sparkly and came with a sequin hat but this one was just hot pink! haha...The picture is pretty self explanatory and to people who weren't there and don't understand Bev then you might think this is gross but I'm not kidding i have NEVER laughed as hard as I was when this was going on! haha

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